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How To Find Strength To Hold Strong (Never Give Up)

I have always admired the words of Captain America from the Marvel universe.
"I can do this all day."

Such an ability to stand on your own under thousands of blows, it really deserves respect. But unfortunately, we are not all superheroes, but only learn them to be. In our lives, we often have events that, like a hammer, can crush us.

How then do we find the strength to stand despite the events?
Everyone asks self this question, but we don't always find answers to it. Yoga or meditation can help us in mental balance. We can gain control over our body, breath and mind with each workout or exercise.
But what should we do if we need to be strong now?
Right now we have to make this decision.
Right now we need to find a way out of a difficult situation.
Right now we need to know all life hacks and how to apply them.

"Philosophers tell us to learn. The sages tell us to find the epiphany. Scientists tell us to start with the theory. Teachers tell us to look for new knowledge. Motivators demand actions from us.And what are you ready to make of all this?What is your path and where do your borders really end?"

Ask yourself these questions. The answers are clearly shocking and make you wonder who you really are.

How can we still stand under all the blows of fate, the answer is easy. We need to look for strength and to stand up to the end understanding that our fears or alternatives to our future are our allies.
Remember, we can always look for the strength to never give up. Both negative and positive feelings can be our sources. It does not matter, only the result is important and how you can deal with your problems. Anger, fear, stress is bad counselors, but by applying to them memories of how awful and bad to feel, we can always find the strength to prevent it from happening again. So fear and horror will give us the strength to do something useful giving us the strength to stand all day.

Remember, the world doesn’t comprise just one negative. Books tell us about it. Other people try to tell us it for which we mean something. Positive feelings also give us the strength of the body and spirit. Love and happiness, the most joyous moments in our life, are those emotions and moments that give us the strength to live and strive for the best.

Always get up when you fall. Don't give up and believe in yourself even when no one believes in you. Strive to do everything right, not because this is exactly what you need to do, but because you see yourself in it. Become the best version of yourself and keep improving.

We often lose inspiration and motivation, after a while, we understand that it was unnecessary to begin this entire unnecessary work. We rarely believe in ourselves and others trying to find excuses for our actions. We give up and don't do everything on time, don't want to change something in our life or accept it. That is what gives up and goes with the flow. This is the weakness of the spirit and the unwillingness to change it. It is a bad reputation and a lot of emotional injuries to leave the business started halfway through. Remember why you started this way, all these feelings, emotions, your wish and aspiration. This led you to aspiration and desire. This is your engine and fuel, your desire to do what you started some time ago.

Never give up, these are the words should become our guiding star and stay in the heart and soul forever. No matter where we take strength and how quickly we restore it, the main thing is to stand to the end.
Don't be afraid of the end of something, then there is always a beginning.
Don't be afraid to be irrational or naive and always, always go ahead.
Never give up!



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