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Back2Amnesia is a collection of poems filled with some thoughts, feelings and worldviews. This collection also includes extra three short stories.

Back2Amnesia is out now on Amazon Kindle and Paperback


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Meerkats are waiting for the end. RoH

All my friends have always told me it’s hard to start doing something new. It’s hard to create something new on a white sheet of paper. I let my thoughts fill it and the pen starts writing letters on it. It’s difficult to write a word by word, so my friends told me.
So I thought before. But the more I wrote something, the easier it became to overcome the abyss of doubt.

I decided to keep these words to myself as a reminder. I need to move forward towards my goal.

I almost write my book “Realm of Hope". I finish the final chapters of the manuscript and enjoy the hard work done. It’s difficult for me to imagine that moment when I stop looking at my laptop’s screen, look at the picture on the wall and write ‘the end’. But it was always in my life, I love to live and think like my characters. I like to think through every detail of their story line or every personality trait. And every time, no matter how many books I write, I can’t imagine a moment when I need to write two words …

Illusion in the pocket. Chapter 16. Part II

After some time, the Head of the Guild of Magicians, Llewrun, fulfilled his promise to them. Soon after, they enrolled a new student named Llewelyn for the first year at the Academy of Sorcery, Miracles and Magic. On the first day of his education, the boy proved his talent in the art of illusion and knavery, fascinating the entire commission of the Academy with his lovely and harmonious theatrical scenes. Despite the cheerful and playful nature, Llewelyn has given almost all of his time to the study. He very often missed all nonsense that other students liked to do. “Fate helps those who try to don’t like those who are above all, those who don’t care”. His mastery will grow and grow with the years, and his talent will allow him to take the place of the dean of the Mystical Sciences of Illusion and Knavery. The years of education have become one of the most beautiful in Llewelyn’s life. The family supported the future dean in his desires and tried not to deny his wishes. The most impo…

Illusion in the pocket. Chapter 16. Part I

"Illusion has a secret in itself." These are words of Llewelyn's last speech at the Academy of Sorcery, Miracles and Magic.
"We all live in our illusion. Some illusions wish good to us. Others wish fear and hatred for us. There is nothing in illusion, no fear, no pain and no good until we add these feelings ourselves. Illusion must be sown, reaped, raised and helped strengthen. But remember one more thing, the illusion is not evil and not good, it only helps us all to live today.”
"Not all stories of life start happily, not all stories of life end in evil." Therefore, without distorting facts, we will return all of us back to the past. It was a beautiful sunny and green day. It's a meeting day for two slightly different strangers. On this day, two different worlds collided in a clearing near the castle at a fast and clear stream. One world was a bit wild, naked and funny. The other world was confident and strong, wise, tough and quite a stranger for the l…